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Become a Franchisee!

Fine Details® offers you the opportunity to own your own business in an interesting and dynamic industry. We'll help you create a roadmap for success and give you the tools you need to grow your franchise.

It's the best of both worlds: being in business for yourself - but not by yourself!

Why Become a Franchisee?

The face of the Canadian car industry is changing and Fine Details® is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of the future. Current trends indicate that vehicle owners are keeping their cars, vans and trucks on the road longer than ever before. This, combined with the fact that luxury car sales are increasing year over year, provides Fine Details® with a tremendous growth opportunity. Targeting and fulfilling the needs of both new and used vehicle owners, Fine Details® provides the highest quality detailing services and protection products available.

Investing in a Fine Details® franchise gives you the opportunity to tap into this growing market. Your Fine Details® Centre will offer a variety of leading edge, custom made products and essential services that are increasing in demand and which offer you the greatest potential for profit. The future of Fine Details® is bright and now is the time to participate and join the Fine Details® family.

Your Responsibilities

Fine Details® is looking for franchisee business owners who are willing to work in a hands-on environment. We want individuals who are committed to business success through hard work, enthusiasm, superior customer service, honesty, integrity and a willingness to learn new things.

We expect that you will with the support of the Fine Details® operations team implement marketing, promotion and sales programs to help build a customer base for your business, and that you will work to create opportunities within your local business community to raise awareness about your Fine Details® location and services.

But most importantly, we expect you to remember that as a Fine Details® franchisee, you're part of the Fine Details® family and we'll work together with you to support and grow your Fine Details® business.

Our Support of Your Business

As a member of the Fine Details® family, we ensure you're not out there alone. Each location is routinely visited by a member of our operations team, reinforcing our pledge that you're in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

You'll receive initial start-up training to familiarize you with our industry, service offering and products. In addition, we look for new education and training opportunities that we feel will support our franchisees in their business success.

We'll supply you with marketing materials and direction so that your marketing and promotions activities provide you with increased awareness and growth in your customer base. Plus, we'll also provide corporate advertising through the maintenance of a corporate website, corporate marketing materials, print and online advertising and outdoor location signage.

Getting Started

At Fine Details® we see each potential Franchise Owner as an investment in our family. Like you, we are particular about where and when we invest. After we receive your Request for Consideration {link}, one of our representatives will contact you personally to answer any questions you may have, to explain our franchise opportunity more fully, and to review your Request for Consideration with you.

Upon final approval from the selection committee, you will receive investment information and a copy of all franchise agreements, leading to the signing of the franchise agreement. After site selection and lease negotiation are completed, the training and location opening schedules are submitted to you, and the build-out of your location is started. As a franchise owner, you are entitled to a protected franchise area and that area will be outlined as part of your franchise agreement. No other franchise locations for Fine Details® will be allowed within your protected franchise area.

Please CLICK HERE to open a printable PDF file of the Request for Consideration form. Please fax your completed form to: 905-825-4035.

You may also fill out this form online and submit it directly by email by clicking the �submit� button at the bottom of your completed form. Please CLICK HERE for the online form.


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